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Annual Network Nights Events to Take Place This January
Register now to reserve your spot at our upcoming events in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles!
IC Ranks #13 Nationally for Student Engagement
The ranking is a measure of teaching quality that considers how well the college manages to inform, inspire, and challenge its students.
Newly Renovated ICTV Set and Trading Room Debut
Read about ICTV's new state-of-the-art television set and the recent upgrades to the business school's trading room — and how IC alumni helped shape both.
We're Heading Back to Iceland!
Join us for a spectacular — and surprisingly affordable — tour of Iceland in March 2017.

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Alumni Spotlight

The Marvels of Screenwriting
How Brandon Easton '97 landed a gig writing for the Agent Carter TV show.

ICView Magazine

Photographing Untold Stories
Lauren DeCicca '11 captures historic events in Myanmar.

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