Alumni Weekend 2014

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 I’m thrilled to offer you a warm welcome to Ithaca College’s Alumni Weekend 2014!

The following pages will seem like a whirlwind as you pick and choose what you want your Alumni Weekend to look like. There are individual class reunion parties and receptions, and all-around favorites like the quad picnic, athletic hall of fame banquet, downtown tour, and the Blue and Gold dinner. (Check out even more programming here.)

But what the check boxes and time slots cannot do is fully convey what a wonderful experience awaits you at Ithaca College.

Reunion is more than simply traveling to your alma mater. It is stepping back in time, getting reacquainted with your friends, teachers, and classmates -- and with your former self. These moments are nostalgic and incomparable, and yield an opportunity to share and celebrate a piece of your personal history, the years that made you who you are today.

I hope to meet you during Alumni Weekend and hear your memories of IC and your thoughts about your time on our beautiful campus. See you in October!

Carrie Brown
Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Ithaca College