Regional Committees

Volunteering with your local Ithaca College alumni committee is a great way to stay connected with IC! Alumni can assist with events and networking programs, service opportunities, and regular communications to alumni in their region.

There are eight official regional groups that represent Ithaca College:

A Guide for Regional Committees and Volunteers

Each regional group is governed by a regional committee comprised of enthusiastic IC alumni dedicated to creating opportunities for IC graduates to connect with one another within their communities. The regional committees also serve as a bridge between local parents, students, and friends of the college and the Ithaca campus. And for the alumni who serve on the committees, they're a wonderful way to connect with the college.

The guide on the following pages outlines the roles and responsibilities of the regional committee members as well as how to host an event. If you choose to give your valuable time to Ithaca College by becoming a volunteer for the Ithaca College Alumni Association and your local regional committee, you can take pride in knowing that you are vital to the success of the alumni association. You'll also have a lot of fun!

If you're interested in joining one of our regional committees or finding out more about them, please fill out a regional committee interest form or contact Maura Donovan, associate director of events and regional programs, at (607) 274-1179 or