Ithaca College Traditions Challenge

How It Works

Become an Ithaca College Traditions Keeper by completing the challenges listed below. Complete more challenges and get more swag!

  • Complete 5–10 challenges for a Traditions Keeper decal
  • Complete 11–15 challenges for Traditions Keeper sunglasses
  • Complete 16–20 challenges a Traditions Keeper T-shirt

The Challenges

  1. Sign your class banner at the Community Picnic directly following Convocation.
  2. Participate in the First-Year Reading Initiative during Fall Welcome.
  3. Sign up for at least one organization at the Student Organization Fair.
  4. Watch a film screening at FLEFF (the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival).
  5. Ride the TCAT to visit Boardman House, the first IC building downtown.
  6. Participate in a Service Saturday project with the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA).
  7. Visit the Office of Career Services and find out all the ways you can network.
  8. Attend an FYRE ICC-themed event.
  9. Take a picture at the fountains with your friends.
  10. Attend an "I Love IC Week" event.
  11. Visit the Academic Advising Center.
  12. Discover a new kind of chili or apple at one of the downtown Ithaca festivals.
  13. Join the IC Mentoring Network.
  14. Attend an Ithaca College School of Music concert or IC Theatre production.
  15. Cheer on your favorite Bomber at a sporting event.
  16. Create an electronic portfolio to document your learning experiences.
  17. Attend an exhibition at the Handwerker Gallery.
  18. Visit one of the beautiful gorges in the Ithaca area.
  19. Get your seats early for an a cappella show on campus.
  20. Dance with friends to the band at IC Kicks Back.

Document Your Progress

There are two ways to collect artifacts and prove tradition completion:

Traditions Challenge Folder Facebook Album Hybrid
Collect pictures, ticket stubs, programs, or notes that prove you attended or completed that specific tradition. At check-in, present your artifacts to receive credit. Create a Facebook album and title it "IC Traditions Challenge" and tag Ithaca College STAT in each of your photos that prove tradition completion. At check-in, pull up your album and show us your pictures. If you would like to collect tangible evidence such as ticket stubs and programs in your folder and have an "IC Traditions Challenge" Facebook album for your photos, you may do both. At check-in, present both your tangible artifacts and your Facebook album.

Check-in Days

  • Tuesday, October 21, 2014
    STAT table, Campus Center
  • Thursday, February 26, 2015
    Philanthropy Day
  • Monday, May 4, 2015
    IC Kicks Back

The Ithaca College Traditions Challenge is sponsored by Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow, the Ithaca College Alumni Association, and the Office of the First-Year Experience.