Barry Mendelson '65

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lifetime Achievement Award

Barry MendelsonBarry Mendelson specializes in the production of television, sports, entertainment, and live events. A 45-year veteran of the sports entertainment industry, he is the president and CEO of the Mendelson Entertainment Group in Dallas, and has been president of the organization since 2001.

Barry built his career the old-fashioned way: by hard work, dedication, savvy, and smarts. His first job in the industry was as a radio announcer for the New York Giants and New York Jets radio network. A stint as executive producer of the weekly nationally syndicated radio shows led to his joining the Boston Celtics as vice president in charge of broadcast.

In the early 1970s, Barry made his mark with the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings as director of broadcasting and marketing. In 1974, he started the NBA's New Orleans Jazz basketball team. During his tenure, he hired the second African-American head coach in NBA history and promoted a concert with the largest indoor audience worldwide: 87,500 people came to the Louisiana Superdome on December 3, 1981, to see the Rolling Stones.

Later in his career, Barry was executive vice president of Madison Square Garden Enterprises; chairman of Framework Entertainment; and majority owner and president of Texas 28 Films.

Barry is an active, generous IC alumnus. He's established two scholarships -- one in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance and the other in the Roy H. Park School of Communications -- and returns to campus often to share his experience and knowledge with students.